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Our Process Icons
Our Process Icons

The goal of LAB150 is to develop new treatments and cures for serious and debilitating diseases. We are creating a new blueprint for translating academic research into market-ready products for the benefit of Canadians and indeed people everywhere.

Innovators who choose to work with LAB150 don’t go it alone. When we take a technology into our portfolio, we provide all of the services needed to take it from bench to commercilaization, covering every aspect of the early-stage drug discovery cycle.

Services We Provide

LAB150 helps innovators access a wide range of drug discovery and development capabilities, including:

Target Identification and Validation
Screening and Hit Identification
Testing Novel Therapeutics in In-Vivo Models
Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics
Medicinal Chemistry
Proteomics and Metabolomics

 Submission Process

  • Innovators affiliated with MI’s Member Institutions submit Statement of Interest
  • MaRS Innovation and Evotec AG conduct technical, market and intellectual property due diligence
  • LAB150 and Innovators collaboratively prepare project plan and budgets
  • Innovators make formal presentations to the Joint Steering Committee who then make the final admission decision
  • Project launch